The first ONS TUIS-home saw the light on 1 April 1929 when Mrs. Machteld Postmus opened its doors in Pretoria. Little did she know that the company – whose main focus was the provision of housing for the elderly, instead of having financial profit as its primary aim – would expand to a group of retirement homes providing housing and care to approximately 1,100 persons.

The project started to soar in 1942, when the Reformed Church took over management, with Mrs. Postmus as chairwoman of the board. With the support and involvement of the church and its members ONS TUIS was empowered to flourish in the creation of a safe haven for elderly persons where they could enjoy their golden years.

ONS TUIS cannot but be proud of its eight retirement homes in three South African provinces. Options for accommodation range from selfcare units (rooms and apartment complexes) to specialized care for persons suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our highly capable staff members create an atmosphere of mutual compassion and sympathy so any person can adapt quickly and fit in socially with ease. With services like balanced meals, laundry and excellent provision of care, the time has truly arrived to sit back and enjoy life abundantly!

Please feel free to contact us for inquiries regarding a housing option that will suit your unique needs!

Community involvement

Elderly persons are an invaluable source of knowledge and experience, as well as an inexhaustible source of stories about highlights in their own lives and the history of our country. Accordingly, we acknowledge the role they have to play and give them the opportunity to still make a contribution to the future of South Africa.

Most of our residents are still full of energy, and thus, ONS TUIS is closely and continuously involved with the community. We cook and bake, make products and hold markets for fundraisers, commemorate special days on the calendar in a special way, and offer workshops and self-enrichment courses to residents.

Therefore, we invite you to approach ONS TUIS and let us know how our up and about residents can plough back their love into your project or community!

Family-involvement is evidently a priority for ONS TUIS. Consequently, we regularly host events to promote the involvement of the family and friends of residents.


We are truly grateful for the involvement of a variety of churches (of all denominations) which support us through bible study groups, prayer groups, charitable visits and fundraising projects. Spiritual and physical involvement of this nature makes an invaluable contribution to the wellbeing of our residents.

ONS TUIS also welcomes schools and students who become involved with care for the elderly. Exposure of this kind teaches children and young people to treat the elderly with respect and compassion. They eagerly come and host games for the “grand moms and granddads” and can not get enough of their stories.

Time is the one truly scarce commodity here on earth and our residents have much love, existential wisdom and attention to give. Please contact us to find out how you can become involved with the ONS TUIS-family.


We tend to find that everyone’s provision for their retirement does not necessarily work out according to plan. Consequently, ONS TUIS is increasingly dependent on donations, sponsors and bequests.

If you have a conviction in your heart to help alleviate our financial burden in some way, it would be much appreciated.

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