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Guidelines for completing application form

1. Complete each of the question.
2. Attach a copy of the applicant’s ID document, as well as front and back of medical card.
3. The application must preferably be accompanied by a minister’s testimony.
4. Complete Appendix A (statement of income and assets and liabilities) as well as Appendix A1, sworn by Commissioner of Eight.
5. Attach 3 months bank statements of applicant.
6. The medical report (Appendix B) must be completed by a physician and can be completed in Afrikaans or English.
7. Information of children / close relatives must include post, residential, email address, telephone and mobile phone numbers.
8. Complete and sign Appendix C.
9. After completion of application, call and arrange an interview with the relevant manager.
10. With admission, the suspensive condition of the Agreement and Deed of Transfer must be completed.