ONS TUIS strives to optimise the protection of elderly persons in outstanding residential facilities, and to ensure that the elderly remain active as they age.

Independent Care

to make it possible for elderly persons to function self-sufficiently in the community for as long as possible, and to provide support services to them.

Safe and Affordable Housing

To provide safe and affordable housing in the form of flats or rooms where elderly persons can function independently for as long as possible, and where support services can be provided to them.

Family Involvement

To involve the children and family members of elderly persons as closely as possible in their care and in providing in the unique needs of the elderly person.

Assistance for the Frail Elderly

To provide care for elderly persons who have become physically or psychologically frail.

Assistance And Care

To provide assistance and care for elderly people who have become disabled.

Warm Place to call Home

To convert cold facilites into warm homes for elderly people where they can say WE are HOME (“ONS is TUIS”).


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