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ONS TUIS offers affordable, high-quality accommodation to persons over the age of 55 years. Evidently we realise a shift of this nature may seem challenging. We therefore wish to take your hand in ensuring that your golden years yield the most precious memories and stories to tell.

We recognise the need to be able to choose from a variety of secure and safe accommodation options, based on your age and level of dependency, and accordingly provide a diversity of housing opportunities: from self-care units to homes with specialised care and services to patients suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other debilitating conditions. Each of our eight homes, situated in three South African provinces, proudly guarantee excellent care and facilities for your enjoyment.

ONS TUIS’s open-minded, compassionate culture will make you feel at home! Voluntary programs and activities, promoting active aging, unite us as a family and ensure that newcomers easily make new friends and adapt to their new living arrangement.

Come and enjoy those long-awaited care-free days you have worked hard for at ONS TUIS!

ONS TUIS guarantees top quality elderly care that suits your unique needs. We endorse the values of equality, integrity, human dignity, tolerance, respect, devotion and transparency.

Apart from providing affordable housing with specialised services to the elderly our vision is to let these values manifest by living them. We strive towards the endorsement of the welfare and wellbeing of the elderly both locally and nationally.


ONS TUIS offers a variety of services and accommodation options to persons 55 years and older:

What to expect

Self-reliant care enabling elderly persons to function autonomously for as long as possible by offering supportive services.

Safe and affordable housing apartments or rooms — where elderly persons can feel at home, flourish and enjoy their golden years.

Family involvement is a crucial part of elderly care. Our focus is to build and maintain an open channel of two-way communication and participation between ONS TUIS and your family.

Help and support to those who requires it.  ONS TUIS provides compassionate care to persons who have grown physically or psychologically frail.

Assistance and care offering assistance to and care for elderly persons with disabilities and special needs.

Compassionate Culture is vital in promoting active aging. We have numerous voluntary programmes and activities in place to ensure that you will quickly and easily feel right at home in the ONS TUIS-family.

ONS TUIS is excellent in transforming cold facilities into Warm Homes where you can warmheartedly end each day with the feeling: I am at home!

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